I Must Confess, I am not SuperMom

Lately I feel a lot of women are getting the wrong impression of my roll as a Mother. Yes, I have four kids. Yes, I do the cooking and cleaning. Yes, I attend the class parties and help out in the kids classrooms. Yes, I run a small business and blog. Yes, I run the errands and help the church when I can. Yes, I seem to do it all. But I have help!

I read the other day, about Lifestyle Bloggers portraying the image of having their life perfectly put together and the ability to go through their days effortlessly. I must admit, I smiled and laughed because this is so true. We only get the highlight reel of whats really happening.

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In my case, it's that I have the help of an amazing spouse. More often than not female bloggers seem to overlook the active role their husbands play in their success as a Mother. Why is that? I couldn't go through one day without the help of my husband.

I can do all those things listed above because He is supporting me through each one. I can run a small business and blog from home, because He works hard enough to allow Me the ability to follow my dream. I am lucky to attend all my kids school functions because my husband stays home with our little ones. My brunch dates and girls nights are possible because he takes over the duties of watching the kids. I cook and clean, because He busts his ass to provide the money for the food and home we live in.

Don't get me wrong, I am a bad ass woman who raises one heck of a tribe of kids, but I am not too proud to say, "I get by with a little help from my friend!" Parenting is no easy task, and if we are lucky to have someone to do it with we should recognize their efforts as well. So here I am declaring that I am a Lifestyle-Mommy Blogger who has an amazing husband behind the scenes (but not for long) that allows me to shine in my little slice of the social media world.

Blissfully Boyce Blog Boyce 757 Blog Christina Boyce Marriage Parenting Lifestyle Blogger

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