DockATot Review: Why every Mom needs one

The arrival of my fourth child not only brought about joy and happiness, but also the ability to use amazing new baby products like DockATot. As you know by now, I love finding new and innovative products that simplify and make life for parents easier.

When I first came across the DockATot, it was while I was scrolling through their Instagram page. I kept thinking to myself "Now there is a product Mom's would love to have!" Like most of you, I instantly thought it was too expensive. Most new parents are willing to spend a little more on their first born; but once you hit four kids, you question if everything you buy is ACTUALLY WORTH IT! (or at least I do). I will be the first to admit, I am super uneasy about buying things I deem expensive, so I completely understand why so many Mom's are hesitant about the cost. However, by the end of this I hope to show why this product is worth it!!!!

I love anything black and white,and DockATot designs made it possible to stick with it

I browsed their website and loved all their modern patterns and colors. One option DockATot has that I really like is the ability to choose from two sizes. The DockATot Deluxe takes your baby from birth to 8 months and The DockATot Grand carries your baby from 9 months to 3 years. Prices vary depending on size.

The DockATot comes with; child safe zippers, a handle for easy transport, breathable lightweight mattress pad with airflow and a removable cover that can be washed. This product is known for its many tested safety features. These Swedish designed cots are made in Europe and ship all over the world. A few things I must rave about, before telling you my thoughts on the use of my DockATot. First, delivery was fast and packaging was amazing. I am huge on the packaging of products (don't ask me why. I know it's weird!) The package was light and easy to carry and everything was neatly organized and packaged with care.

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My son went from his Deluxe to his Grand at 5 months old due to size

Okay, so time for the good stuff, the question every Mom has been asking me,"Is it worth the price tag?"

My answer is simple..ABSOLUTELY!

My son was a fidgety sleeper,which caused him to wake himself up often. Obviously we all know "back is best" when it comes to babies and sleep, however this can be difficult with a baby who tosses and turns. I found that he would sleep best when laying on my chest or on his belly in his bassinet. The problem was, even though he slept best this way, I refused to let him sleep through the night on his stomach.

I remember telling my husband, that I truly believed that if I could get my hands on a DockATot, it would be the answer to our problems t. He knew I was waking up three to four times a night (because we all know men could sleep through a bomb going off) to take care of the baby. No joke, the first night we put little man in his DockATot, I only woke up twice! The second night he slept from 9 p.m to 4:30 a.m . As parents you know that TIME IS MONEY....and that time is worth a $185.00 price tag!!!

My son now sleeps in his DockATot Grand for naps and through the night. It is by far the best product I have ever used as a Mother!

There are many uses for the DockATot which you can find here. While it is best known for it's co-sleeping benefits and safety, I know that I did not prefer to co-sleep. I am always adament to tell other Mother's that the first line of safety is obviously us as Parents. Eventhough I used my DockATot in my son's crib, he was constantly monitored throughout the day and night while in it.

To sum it up, YES YOU SHOULD BUY ONE!!!!

It is well worth the investment to gain; peace of mind while they sleep, restful nights for yourself, easy travel sleeping arrangements and a portable tummy time/nap station. If you want a better way to think about it (because this is what I do) For the first 8 months your baby uses their DockATot it comes out to $23.00 a month. I spend that much at fast food on a Friday night for my family! I bet now it doesn't seem to costly does it.

Feel free to use this code to take 10% off your purchase of a DockATot!!!!

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To give a size comparision between the Deluxe and Grand

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