You're doing Great - A letter to First Time Mom's

To the First Time Mom,

Don't worry that your hair hasn't been washed in days and your clothes seem to smell of stale milk. Don't worry that the laundry isn't done and the dishes are piled in the sink. Don't worry if you look frazzled and exhausted, trust me it's part of the gig. Don't worry if you can't remember to follow up with friends or fit into your pre-baby jeans. Don't worry if coffee doesn't seem hot enough, and you haven't cooked a real meal in days. Don't worry if you are worried about everything and nothing is good enough, I swear you aren't losing your mind.

You, beautiful woman, have embarked on the greatest adventure of your life. You are blessed with the ability to raise the next generation. If that alone doesn't make you feel like a bad ass, let me add more. Your body just housed a living being. You grew bones and hair and muscles for a small tiny person inside of your self. You are responsible for every moment of this child's life from here on out. You, are a rockstar!

Christina Boyce Blissfully Boyce Lifestyle Blogger Virginia Beach Virginia

With all the beauty comes a little bit of ugly too. You will constantly question everything you do and feel the need to compare your own natural instincts to those around you. You will seek to be like those on social media, only to feel incompetent when something falls short. You will always want to be the best and do the best for your child, even if it means less for yourself. But listen to Me when I say...YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

Motherhood now-a-days is made to make women compete. Who can have the cutest nursery, the best clothes, all the top brand products, the most unique name? It is not a competition. DO NOT EVER FEEL YOU HAVE TO COMPETE! As a first time Mom this can be really hard and very overwhelming. You're only job is to give your child the best Mommy they can have, and you will always be THE BEST AT THAT!

Christina Boyce Blissfully Boyce Lifestyle Blogger Virginia Beach Virginia

You will get it wrong a lot, but you will also get it right. You will get aggravated and upset, but you will also feel overwhelming joy and love. You will feel tired and less than sexy, but you will also feel alive and more of a woman than you've ever experienced. You will yell and cry, but you will laugh and joke. You will go from really high to really low without a middle ground in between.

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Love every single moment of this brand new adventure. Take it from an experienced Mom, when they say "It goes by so fast...they mean it!" Not one mother is exactly like another and that is the most wonderful thing about this experience. Embrace your own journey, your own mistakes,your own little triumphs.

To the New Mom, Welcome to the Club and I hope you know YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


The Experienced Mom

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