His JORD wood watch will last longer than a rose

This watch was gifted by JORD in return for my honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% my own

It's that time of year again. No not the start of a New Year with a million crazy resolutions, it's the kick off of a new season of The Bachelor!! I figured what better way to start a new season of crazy drama, eye rolling and tears, than with a blog on why I love my husband and the gift that last longer than a rose, a JORD wood watch.

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Like most women, we flock to the television every Monday night to swoon over the latest Bachelor and his many lustful female candidates. We know all too well that he probably will find "love" at the end, only to have it fade out two months after the show airs. My husband always asks, "Why do you women watch this crap? It's the same thing every season!"

I think we watch it because obviously, real life isn't quite like The Bachelor. We aren't swept away on wild adventures and placed in a hot tub, on top of a mountain, with enough candles to light the entire surrounding area on fire. Our lives are much more low key.

This year, I wanted to do something fun for my husband to show Him that He will always be the final rose in my life. To show that His love for Me never waivers and a date to the local steakhouse is just as exciting as a trip to Bali (kind of). Our love is timeless. Before the Bachelor began, I gifted him a brand new Dover Series JORD wood watch as a way to say, "I LOVE YOU".

Sure I could have waited until Valentine's Day but this was more my style. The watch is masculine and sexy. It's light weight and durable. It's subtle on his wrist, yet still makes a statement when he wears it. I love the intricate details of his JORD watch, like I love the intricate details of Him.

The Dover Series is made with natural Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood to create a stunning masterpiece for the wrist. The watch is pretreated with tung oils and is splash proof. JORD offers engraving now and although I didn't snag this option, I wish I would have. I love that when my Husband wears His JORD watch He can have a good laugh, as He is reminded that Roses wilt and fade, but like a wood watch, our love is durable and timeless.

This valentine's Day, if you are looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life, why not consider JORD. They make quality watches, and offer plenty of styles to choose from. They even make gift giving simple, by delivering the watch in a beautiful wood box .


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