Bachelor Season 21 Episode 1 recap

Holy Hussies! What in God's name were these girls thinking on those first impressions? Did someone suggest "Hey sound like you sleep with people for money, I think he'll found that to be marriage material!" When did class go straight out the window? Another DRAMATIC season of The Bachelor preimered tonight and it did not dissappoint.

Other than the; hot dog sharing, shark- meant- to- be- a- dolphin wearing, fan girling,bag of hug tokens, "I heard you like a good hump" displays of Hello's, everything ran smoothly on Opening Night at the Mansion. Everything except for the fact that almost half the girls showed up wearing the color of the coveted ROSE,leading to one of the best quotes of the night,

"I'm so glad I didn't wear red!"

Enough about the awkward first impressions, because I could literally go on for hours,let's talk about some of these gals. First up is Liz, whom I chose in my fantasy league to receive the first rose. What I didn't know was that she had a one night fling with The Bachelor himself, Nick Viall at Jade and Tanner's wedding! SAY WHATTTT????

Can we all agree Alexis can be our new best friend?!?! This girl is fun wrapped up in a shark costume, or is it a dolphin? Who cares! All I know is that she made Nick laugh, and to me that's what every guy needs in life. Most will think she's off her rocker and truth is, she may be, but I love it!

The curve ball was when Rachel, the lawyer from Texas, got the first impression rose. A girl with brains and class was not at all who I thought Nick would choose first, yet I was shocked and impressed that He did. I enjoyed watching them chat throughout the night because you could see he genuinely felt comfortable around her! Three cheers for girls with brains and beauty!!

I won't lie, after watching the first impressions, I definitely felt Nick would give his rose to Vanessa. This woman is not only beautiful but she has the most amazing accent!!! I want to learn French just to talk like her. Not only that, I want to learn French so my husband looks at Me the way Nick looked at her, Like he wanted to devour her. #frenchaccentsmakebabies

To round up our top 5 girls of the night, we must not forget the woman who gave us all something to gasp about, Corinne. This chick! Where do I even begin? This 24 year old businesswoman and part time model has a Nanny. Not a nanny for her kids, a nanny for herself. WHHHATTT!?!?! She is running Daddy's company and by the sounds of it, should reside at the Bunny Ranch. Not one thing that Corinne did on night one, screamed "I'M WIFE MATERIAL!". But hey, I'm not The Bachelor! Please let's all just remember her wonderful quote...

"I have a heart of gold, but my Vag-een is Platinum"

To sum it up, the night started off with tears,wine and girls with lots of built up sexual tension. Does it feel like we have seen this before, absolutely! Which is why we will continue to watch it every Monday. Thanks for hanging with Me through my Instagram Live chats, My Fantasy League and now here.

What was some of your favorite moments from tonight's episode?

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