Ringing in the New Year without A Resolution

I believe resolutions are something people put in place only to feel guilty about two weeks later. No one seems to ever be pleased with their results to lose ten pounds, or be the mother who doesn't yell. We all fall short and in return start the year off feeling less than happy with ourselves.

What the hell is the point of that?!?!

This year I decided, screw the resolution! I just want to try each day to better Myself. Whether it's doing crafts with my kids because I suck at that, or going for a walk because it will be good for me. It could be taking a class I wouldn't normally take or calling up an old friend for coffee.

Truly anything that comes to mind that will make Me a better Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Blogger and Person is what I am seeking in the New Year. I can't fail at trying daily to be better; unless I sit idle and do nothing, then Yes I would fail miserably.

Don't let one day, set the course for an entire year. We all want to loose weight, have better relationships with our kids, stop eating junk and cut back to two glasses of wine a day, but these things take time. So take baby steps and set small goals. Don't give up and never feel defeated. There are 365 beautiful days in a year, don't let the first 14 determine how you spend the rest of them.

So cheers to a New Year and becoming better humans, however decide to do it.



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