Home Chef, it's what's for dinner

I always pose like this with boxes of food in my kitchen...said no one ever.

As most of you know by now, I am an avid Food lover. Whether it's learning how to bake or trying to attempt my latest Pinterest find, I am always cooking. However, there are times when this Mom of four doesn't have the energy to put together a tasty meal. Sometimes the after school activities run longer than expected or I just want to rest for five minutes.No matter how much my husband says he will alternate who makes dinner during the week, it usually lands on Me. So with the help of Home Chef I now found a way to solve almost all of these problems!!!

Home Chef has created a website that allows you to go on and choose meals your family likes to eat. Have an allergy or food preference? Don't worry, Home Chef gives you options of things you prefer not to have in your meals (nuts,gluten,low calorie). You then choose how often you want meals delivered, how many times you want Home Chef to provide meals and what day the meals are delivered to your door step.


Prepped and ready to go. Loved the step by step directions they provided too.

I had a small procedure done on Thursday and knew I would be out of commission for a day or so and had ordered a head of time to have Home Chef deliver two meals on Friday, for both my husband and I, to prep and make for us. Let's all be honest, without the help of a planned meal from Home Chef my family would be eating bowls of Captain Crunch for dinner!

The meals came in a perfectly packaged box, with instructions on exactly how to make each one. I chose two yummy chicken meals for my first try. Portioned and fresh ingredients can make any Home Cook feel like a pro. With each meal costing about $9.95 per serving and taking under 30 minutes to make, I felt like I had made a MOM WIN!. We had a delicious meal of Chicken with Apple BBQ sauce and a side of mushrooms,asparagus and crispy sage. YUM! I must say it truly was fresh ingredients! It was as if I never smelt fresh sage before.

I never knew how wonderful fresh sage smelt

If you are an on the go woman (or man) and love a delightfully tasty meal, I suggest checking out Home Chef here and seeing how you can still enjoy cooking without all the hassel of the prep. To make it even better, Home Chef is offering to take $30 off your first meal when you sign up! Simply use code 30HOMECHEF. Who doesn't love a discount?!

So this New Year's make a resolution to only eat delicious food and don't settle for Pinterest fails when Home Chef can help you create a WIN!

Yea folks, I actually made that!!!

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Everything was perfectly portioned! No guessing required.

Who wants to do the #homechefchallenge ??

Check out this fun YouTube video we did.

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