Building a Strong Marriage, One List at a Time

Everything in my life is organized into well thought out lists. Whether it be on paper or in my head, if it's on the list it gets done. The laundry, the dishes, the groceries and how to respectfully speak to my husband.

Okay, I'm sure you paused for a moment and thought to yourself, "This woman has to remind herself to speak to her husband with respect?" As a matter of fact I believe many of us, as wives, need to remind ourselves to do this and plenty of other actions more regularly. Thankfully with the help of Mark and Susan Merrill and their new set of books Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands and Wives we can now take simple lists and put them into actions.

I received a copy of each one to read alongside my husband. I believe the best way to put these books to work is to have both spouses on board to better the relationship. I do know however, that sometimes one spouse is seeking advice while the other may not be, and that is OKAY too!!! Whichever way You choose to read these books is perfectly fine. The fact that You are choosing to find ways to uplift and create a solid foundation for love and respect is amazing.

The one thing I immediately loved about these books is how quickly the Lists are to read through. As a mother of four, I rarely have time to sit, let alone read a book. I take thirty minutes every morning to get some reading in and usually get through three lists at a time. After each set of Lists there is a recap and a way to work on these Lists in your own marriage.

I quickly was drawn to the way in which Susan and Mark wrote their books from an open and honest place in their own marriage, so that we as the reader could relate to them. They never once made it seem as if they had all the answers or even the perfect marriage. In fact, it was the that they had flaws in their marriage that made me want to read more to see how they worked through them.

After the first few days of reading I found myself trying to put the words I read into actions. I wanted to diligently try to love my husband better, speak to him more respectfully and think of his feelings over my own. THAT'S HUGE! I'm sure many of us, as wives, can attest to the fact that after being married for a while, loving your husband and speaking with kindness can become harder with the daily grind of life, work and kids. ( This goes for the husbands too, you aren't off the hook fellas!)

If you or your spouse are truly searching for a way to strengthen your marriage or even your relationship, I highly suggest snagging a copy of these books when they are available for purchase January 3, 2017,or you can pre-order now and get special pricing by doing so. You can purchase them here. What better way to start the new year, then with fresh new eyes on love and sincere respect for your significant other?

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