Being Real, the key to growing your social media following

I was originally going to look up a ton of statistics and add in a bunch of graphs, but none of that would matter when it comes to the one key factor in growing your Social Media Following. People Google "How to Grow your Social Media Accounts" almost daily with hundreds of results to choose from. Yet the one thing everyone fails to understand is how simple it really is.

Let's do this. Quickly think of the top 2 people you love to follow on Social Media...GO!

Okay, what is the main reason you enjoy their feeds or content? I would venture to say it's not because they have a lot of money, or even that they know how to rock a studded heel with jeans. More than likely you enjoy the top 2 people because their genuine personality radiates from their content.

For example, one of my fave gals to follow along with is Elly Brown. Sure she is stunning, has great clothes and seems to live a charmed life but it goes beyond that. I love that with no makeup on she is down to do a live chat and including weird voices and even laughs at herself. She never seems to be so stuck on what she "should be doing".

When people message me saying "Thanks for keeping it real" the only thing I can ever think to write back is "I wouldn't want it any other way!" I never want to become someone I am not, and trust me people can sift right through that bullshit too. No one wants to follow a Stepford Wife who PRETENDS her marriage is flawless and that she tends to her husbands needs daily. Or a mother with a tribe of kids who acts like she has her shit together, NO YA DON'T. People want to see that they aren't alone. They want to know that other people have messy homes, meals that burn and a husband who gets on their nerves.

With so many images reminding us to have the perfect home, kids dressed in clothes only seen in a department store window and food that rivals an Iron Chefs plate, it's nice to remember than our vibrant personalities are still wild and free.

So, stop googling. Don't ask another soul. Start being exactly who you are and people will be drawn to it. It's not science and no one can teach you how to do it. When you start realizing the world needs what you've got to offer, the more other people will want to be a part of it too.

Well I hope that helped, if not...GOOGLE IT!



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