It's okay to simply say "Thank You"

Are you that girl that takes a compliment well? If you are like most woman today, I would venture to say you don't know how to respond to them.

Let's do a little activity shall we. I will give these examples of everyday compliments that we receive and you give your initial response to them. Ready?

Wow you look so good for just having a baby.

You have a beautiful home, it looks very put together.

Your children are very well behaved, you must be doing a great job Mom.

You are beautiful.

Okay, so if you are anything like Myself, here is how you answered those compliments.

Oh that's really kind, but I carry it all in my hips.

It usually looks like a tornado just came through, I'm surprised you think that.

They act like hellians whenever they are with me, it's surprising they are being this way.

Ha, thanks but it's all smoke and mirrors!

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Now here is my real question, how hard would it be to simply respond with THANK YOU? No other words needed. No words of self deprecation or deflecting. Simply taking a compliment for what it's worth? When did it become normal to think we aren't worthy of praise?

Women do so much for those around them, that I truly believe they forget that they are allowed to be praised for all they do. You clean up your house daily because you want to be proud of you space, so say THANK YOU when someone notices. You go to the gym to look good in your own skin, so say THANK YOU when someone takes notice. You raise your children to show respect and have manners,say THANK YOU when it is recognized.

I am declaring today, that we as a society need to stop thinking it is rude when someone simply says THANK YOU when accepting a compliment. Be proud of the little accomplishments in life. God knows we have enough crap to worry about in the world, we shouldn't have to worry if people will be offended when we are grateful for kind words.

So, THANK YOU for reading this blog, it means a lot.