I'm Dreaming of a Confident White Christmas

*This post was sponsored by Confident White, yet every word and opinion is 100% my own*

As you all know by now I am an avid coffee drinker. Two cups in the morning so my kids make it out of the door alive. Possibly one while strolling the aisle in Target because I'm so basic and when my Mama is over there is usually a cup at night to relax and unwind.

With many of my social media tribe knowing of my love of this stain-inducing beverage of choice, many have asked me what I use to keep my teeth white. I never thought about it until they started asking. To be honest, in real life I felt my teeth had started to look lack luster and needed a Makeover stat.

I was in search of a Teeth Whitening Kit that was easy to use and one that wouldn't affect my sensitive teeth. If any of you suffer with sensitive teeth and gum lines, you know it can be tricky to find even the right toothpaste to help ease the discomfort.

Everything comes in a well organized package

Then I received an email from Dr. Parikh of Confident White asking if I would be willing to try his custom molded Teeth Whitening kits. I am always skeptical of any beauty regime so I decided to look up Confident White on Instagram. I found that many people were trying this fantastic new kit and knew that I wanted to give it a try as well. The best part about this product was they provided a desensitizing gel to help sensitive teeth. YES PLEASE!

The team sent a kit for both my husband and I to try together, which I highly recommend you do since it's a fun game of "guess what the heck the other person is saying while wearing the teeth molds".

These are the gels you apply to the mouth piece that help whiten your teeth

The kit works in 4 easy steps. First they send you your box with the molding packs for you to create a custom mold of your teeth. This is what I love most. Every tooth is taken care of because it's made specifically for YOUR MOUTH! Second you send your kit back to the company where they shape your molds and send it back within 5 business days. Don't worry they cover the shipping cost of the molds so you don't have to. Lastly, you use the teeth whitening kit for a two week period. Each use is for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and can be done at any point in the day.

With the holidays coming up I knew there would be plenty of holiday parties and the mass amounts of family gatherings and photos. I was determined to have a smile I was proud to show off. I knew I wasn't going to let go of the coffee or wine so I decided to let my Confident White Teeth Whitening Kit do the work for Me.

My husband and I are very happy with the results as we feel our teeth now look cleaner and brighter without blinding people with fake white smiles. You all know what I am talking about. To be able to do this with kits ranging from $55 to $114 is remarkable!

If you are in search of a reliable teeth whitening kit, that is custom made for you, I highly recommend buying a Confident White Kit so You can have a White Christmas too!

Visit confidentwhite.com now to start getting whiter teeth

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