When I stopped to Listen

As Mothers, our worlds are in constant motion and it doesn't help that everything can be found at the touch of a button either. It's as if we feel we must be going from here to there and knowing everything at every moment.

Why is that?

When did it become a requirement to be so plugged in to the world?

A week ago we took the family on a weekend getaway. I noticed, as usual, that my sons would not stop arguing. I pulled my oldest son into the hallway of the hotel and just sat with him. No yelling, no interruptions, no phone.

photo by: Brooke Tucker Photography

We actually talked. For the first time in a very long time, I listened patiently. I did not hurry him along, I did not seem bothered, I never made it seem as if he was a burden. So often I find myself racing through conversations, hurrying my kids through activities and sending them to bed without cuddles or chats of the day.

What was so much more important than all of those things? NOTHING.

That day in the hotel hall I learned so much from my son. I learned that he felt unimportant and overlooked. He felt as if He didn't get as much time with his Dad as his brother did, and that I spent too much time on the phone.

It hurt to hear. Mostly because I couldn't defend it. It was true.

When we walked back into the room, I shut off my social media sites and I prayed for my kids, for myself and for the strength of my family. I knew I needed to make a change. I should never be too busy or too distracted with other strangers lives, that I forget to invest into the lives that I created.

Photo by: Brooke Tucker Photography

It had become a goal of mine to listen more intently. To genuinely be invested in the moments. To live outside the screen of my phone and in the daily events I was lucky to be a part of. My kids are only going to be kids for a little while longer and I don't want to look up from my phone one day to see that I missed the magic of it all.

We decided to make a wish list of things we can do as a family and a few that each kid can do with My Husband and I individually. It was nice to hear the things our kids find fun and have a desire to do with us. They actually think we are still fun to be around!

The moment I stopped long enough to listen, was the moment my son taught me about life.



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