Elf on the Shelf Returns

Since my sons were two and four, we started the holiday tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Many parents love this tradition, while some steer clear of it all together. Whichever you prefer, awesome. However, here in our home, we have not one, but four little elves that visit each year.

At this point you have probably deemed Me mentally insane, in which case, I would agree. I decided after the second year of having just one elf for both my boys, that it would be a wonderful thing to have these elves become part of my grandchildren's traditions one day. I wanted each of my children to have an elf specifically for them, that long after the magic of it faded, the memories would live on through their kids.

A note from Santa explaining the rules for the care of the elves and creating the excitement for the upcoming Christmas season. New pajamas for each of the kids to snuggle up in for the holidays. This year I went with designs from Lazy One because they were too dang cute to pass up. The elves usually bring Holiday movies and treats for the kids to eat.

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I won't lie, finding a new hiding spot for our elves is a pain in the ass. Yea I said it! But thankfully Santa gave me Pinterest where I pin tons of ideas for our tribe of elves, which you can browse here. Sometimes the elves forget to move in which case Mommy quickly thinks up an elaborate tale of Elf memory loss. Judge Me if You must.

One thing we allow is on Christmas Eve, the elves are given special permission, by Santa, to be held by the kids. This is my favorite part of the entire Elf visit. My kids run to grab their elves the moment they wake up and spend the entire day with them. From cuddled up with their blankets watching the best Christmas movies, to church service they are inseparable until the 8 pm deadline of having the elves back under the tree. Santa will be coming shortly after and the kids need to have said their goodbyes and get into bed as well.

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As a grown adult, even knowing that this is all just make believe, I find myself tearing up when placing the elves back into their boxes and putting them away for another year. Sometimes the wonder and pure magic of Christmas stays with us long after we grow up.

This year I wish you and your family a magical Holiday Season and would love to hear some fun traditions you do together.



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