Keep Trashy Videos off of Teen Nick or any Kids Station

I'm sure by now you all know that I am not super uptight or uber traditional in the ways of raising my kids. However there are some things that I firmly believe have gone to the wayside when it comes to how we are influencing the kids of the world these days.

While drinking my morning coffee and playing blocks with my two year old daughter, I look up on my television to see Haliee Steinfield scantily clad, dancing around shirtless men, singing "I didn't know I was starving 'til I tasted you." I don't mean to go all prudest (yes, this is not a word I'm sure of it) on you, but what the hell?

I get that it's Teen Nick, but my nine and six year old son's watch it for some (and I mean a select few) shows. But now I need to worry about them watching young girls prance around, dry humping guys and singing about tasting them? When did this become acceptable to show even our preteen kids; because let's be honest most eighteen year old's aren't watching Teen Nick.

We wonder why boys think it's okay to treat women like sex objects so young and why women are growing up thinking beauty is in the lips and ass of a Kardashian. When will we as parents say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?"

I never want to shelter my kids but I surely don't need them having images of raunchy girls dancing in their heads as they slumber at night. I say it's time to take music videos like Fifth Harmony's Work (which those lyrics shouldn't be sung by any kid) and pretty much any of Hailee Steinfield's songs off these stations. Save them for MTV.

As a parent, I truly don't think it's too much to ask to keep our kids innocent for as long as possible before this world has their way with them. Can I at least trust that their morning kid shows aren't influencing them to dry hump a girl in a basement?

Want to voice your opinion? Don't worry I already found the link for that here.

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