Raising kids of Faith

Openly talking about Faith seems to be taboo these days, yet if I don't, how will my kids ever know it's okay to do the same?

I was raised in a home where Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights were dedicated to church. My closest friends were those I met in Youth Group. As a teen I found solid footing in my Faith and it helped me through my first years in High School. It wasn't until my senior year that I started to fall victim to doubt. I was beginning to meet so many diverse people with views that differed from the ones I always knew.

Was I wrong? Were they right? What was the truth?

In my early twenties I found my way back to solid ground and promised myself I would be the parent that, allowed her children to choose God, not be forced to love Him because it's what I wanted. Like anything in life, the more you push something on a person, the more they pull away.

Here I am in my thirties with four beautiful children that I thank God for daily. Not a day goes by I don't pray for their lives and the wonderful relationship they will have with God. I talk openly to my children about my faith and ask them about theirs.

"Do you believe in God?"

"How do you know God is real?"

"Where does God live?"

"Why do you pray?"

By asking them questions it gives them a chance to find their owns opinions and create their own reasoning. I never want to be their voice. I will always stand beside them and show them how beautiful faith can be, but I want them to continuously choose God daily.

My sons now ask to go to church every Sunday. Granted it is to hang out with their Sunday School friends, but it’s a big deal for young kids to willing choose church. They pray openly over meals and at family gatherings. THAT’S HUGE. They talk about Heaven and even Hell. They know that to them, God is real.

I am not a perfect mother, nor a perfect person, yet I know I am doing something right in the world when I see my kids openly loving the One who made them.