All Mom's love Pizza Night

Lately I feel as if our lives revolve around the baseball field. Monday and Wednesdays are for practice and now, with tournament season in full swing, it's Saturday and Sunday games. We leave the house after our morning cup of coffee and usually don't get home until after the sun goes down.

With hungry kids and no desire to cook, I usually try to make our weekend meals simple. Nothing is more simple than Pizza Night! When asked to give my honest opinion on Fruit Shoots drinks sold at Pizza Huts nationwide, I thought,

"Heck Yes I can do that! No cooking in the name of Blogging, You bet."

One thing my kids loved about their fruit drinks, was the flavor options. We tried Apple and Berry Fruit Shoots this time. Aside from devouring BBQ Chicken pizza and teriyaki wings we knew that with all our delicious food and drinks we were giving to a good cause.

Did you know that nearly one billion people in the world can not read this sentence?

Neither did I, until we looked into First Book, the program Pizza Hut is giving .05 cents of every Fruit Shoot drink sold to. First Book is a recognized non-profit that gives new books and reading materials to schools and programs serving kids in need. As a mother, there is nothing better than knowing I am helping kids get the education they deserve and so desperately need.

My kids sucked down their Fruit Shoots, wiped pizza stained hands on my rug and enjoyed a happy mom who loved a night of no-hassle dinner. If you are looking for a dinner option that not only benefits you and the family, but also kids who could use new books, please hop in the car and visit your local Pizza Hut for a family dinner that is sure to please!! Make the long family day adventures end with a satisfying meal.

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