I admit, I may not Vote

It's true, I am thirty-one years old, married with a family and I may not vote this 2016 election. It's not that I don't love my country or lean towards one party over the other.

I was raised in a very Republican home and then married into a very Democratic family. My husband and I both voted for Obama in the 2008 election and I felt proud of my vote. I was never one who cared much for politics or who felt the need to vote. I wasn't uneducated, I just never chose to learn more. Does this make me stupid or unpatriotic? Truly, I don't care.

I admit, I may not vote.

As a nation I believe it is our job, to make young adults want to know more about politics. To care about voting. To feel like their voice matters. When I voted for Obama, I wasn't educated enough in what I was voting for. I just knew I wanted someone who seemed to truly want to make a difference in Politics.

After my husband's real estate business took off about a year ago, I quickly realized that our vote had worked against us as far as filing for taxes. Clearly money is always what our country seems to be fighting for. Who to take from and who to give to. A never ending debate between parties.

This election my husband was now full blown Republican. The tension that could be felt when listening to the political family debates was intense. They each argued for what they felt was right. I figured I needed to learn more. To know what I was talking about and make a stand for what I wanted to see in The White House. I watched every debate and I listened to all the news reports desperately trying to find a candidate that made me think, "Now there is a Leader!"

What do these social media fights between our next "Leaders" teach our kids?

Sadly, here I am almost one week from voting day and I have no desire to vote for either candidate. No one has given Me a reason to feel safe in my decision or as if a change will really take place. Crazy enough, it makes me want to just keep Obama in Office and even that doesn't sit well with Me.

How do I tell my children "I voted for a Liar or I voted for a Bully?" Neither candidate has proven to be much of a class act. Sure Hilary can articulate; but I sure hope she can at this point in her Professional Political career, yet I don't trust a damn thing that woman says. Donald wants to take care of the illegal immigrant problem, but has yet to truly explain how He is going to do it.

It's almost as if our Nation is forced to choose the lesser of two evils at this point. Am I really wrong for wanting to skip the polls this year? If I don't really stand for either one of their ideas or behaviors why should I vote for them? Some may argue to, vote for something no matter what. Yet in my heart, I don't feel moved to cast that vote at all.

I admit it, I may not vote...and I'm okay with that.

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