4 Simple Ways to make Date Night fun

Dating your spouse does not have to be complicated. I repeat, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED. Many times as parents we stress the details, who is watching the kids? What should we do with our allotted time? What should I wear so I don't look like I do every other day of the week?

Here is what I find makes a Date Night fun.

1) Keep it simple. A laid back restaurant you both love. A movie you have been dying to see that isn't animated. A mid day lunch. Anything that doesn't create too much planning.

2) Dress up. No I don't mean in a formal gown, although if you are into that, GO FOR IT! Put on those cute shoes, rock a fun dress. Wear the lipstick. Usually during the week we are in tees and leggings. Hair hasn't been washed for days and God knows if we applied an ounce of make-up to our face. Take the time to doll yourself up. You deserve it and I'm pretty sure the spouse won't mind it!

3) Don't spend a lot. Dates don't have to be elaborate or pricey to be memorable. Snag a slice of pizza, sneak away for dessert one night, take a walk around the neighborhood while the kids play at a friends house.

4.) Flirt. Yep, simple as that. The reason you fell for each other probably involved some heavy flirting. When there are no kids around to distract you embrace the moments to kiss, hug, hold hands and maybe grab his butt. When we take time to refill our love tank it can only benefit us.

So tonight as I steal my hubby for some much needed hang out time, I will try hard not to think about whether or not our sitter has allowed our daughter to take over our home, I won't stress the time and I will enjoy the moment spent with him, and only him.

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