June 20, 2017

I say just post the photo and caption it "I feel sexy as hell" and let's just see what kind of trend we start. We as a society of woman are so critical of each other that it's almost as if we critique ourselves in hopes nobody else will.

June 15, 2017

We can't all be the pretty fashion bloggers of today, but thankfully we can grab a trusty skirt, knot a t-shirt at just the right position and add on our accessories thanks to Rocksbox. If you haven't heard of this amazing monthly box of goodness, let me take you into a world of pure joy.

May 18, 2017

I bet if I took a survey right now, over half of you would admit that your kids dress nicer than you whenever you leave the house. Their hair is always combed or pinned back with the cutest floral clip and their shoes match their outfit. Then standing next to them- YOU, in all our thrown together gl...

April 22, 2017

Of course at the top of my list was the beautiful white couch that greeted me the moment I walked in the door. Then I laughed and thought "Every Mom wants a white couch...one day!" So I took a moment to lounge on it and soak in all it's glory before actually shopping.

April 18, 2017

There are some women who believe that keeping all business trade and inside tips to themselves is beneficial. Then there are those women who believe the more you collaborate and help each other, the more you will grow. I tend to lean towards the latter of the two. When creative minds collaborate not...

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